Male Lupus Warriors

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5412 Adobe Falls Rd San Diego, Ca 92120
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619 200-1952

Male Lupus Warriors is a brand new organization and was created to bring awareness that Men

can have Lupus too. The organization also provides education on the disease, talk about mental health

and provide general information on Lupus to all men and women. Lupus, was dubbed as a woman’s disease.

The majority of Lupus patients are female. Research suggests 4-18% of those with Lupus overall are Males,

and only 6-10% are diagnosed with SLE. It is also suggested that men have a more severe disease activity

than women, but this is rarely talked about.

I have performed lectures at schools on Lupus and mental health. Mental health plays a big role on

anyone with an auto immune disease. Men in particular, with Lupus, need to be mindful that Lupus

can take a toll on the body and mind. Men typically were raised to be “the man” and cannot feel

vulnerable to show or feel real emotions. If you were sad, or seen crying, you were told to “man up”

With a disease like Lupus, Men need to learn to be who they want to be, not who society thinks they

should be.

My mission is to advise anyone with Lupus, especially men, that we need to listen to our bodies

and it is ok to admit we are Not ok when we’re not. It is ok to admit we’re in pain, it is ok to not go to work

if your body is struggling, it is ok to seek medical attention when we’re not feeling well. We don’t have to

always carry that “Macho” mentality especially when it comes to our health. This understanding will also

help the males understand what their partners with Lupus are going through so they can show

compassion and sympathy when they’re at their worst with the disease.

I’m a firm believer that mind is over everything. We may have Lupus, but with a Strong mental

State, we can overcome a lot, feel good about ourselves and not always feel defeated. I will do whatever

I can to help people understand this. I’ve done It going on 25 years with pain and struggles, but I’m still here

Looking healthy and stronger than ever.