Looms For Lupus

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12223 Highland Ave., 106-528, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
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Looms for Lupus is a non-profit corporation providing resources and awareness to minority families and those affected by Lupus. The program will form partnerships with similar agencies and patient care facilities. By providing face to face interaction, through creating friendships and close relationships with others living with Lupus, our aim is to create an environment to reassert a sense of hope during their time of illness and to empower the individual to take charge of their life through a chronic and often life threatening illness.

Looms for Lupus was founded in January, 2011 by three sisters. In 2009 the oldest of the three sisters was diagnosed with Lupus, in autoimmune disorder, something the family knew very little about. They researched it and began spreading the word about this disease, it was then when they realized that the most people did not know what it was or had very little knowledge about it and they wanted to help in not only finding a cure but also in helping out the Lupus survivors and their family members.

The sisters are very close and when they got together the disease and the well being of the oldest sister was often discussed and one way that soothed the stress was to knit with a looming kit, it was then when the idea came about to start knitting support groups.

The youngest of the sisters began coordinating a team and together with the police department they participated in the lupus race of life and helped raise money to find a cure for Lupus in dedication to their sister. This year will be the third year they participate in the Race for life.