The Howse Foundation

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10722 Arrow Rte, Ste 520, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730
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+1 909-802-6930

There’s a huge difference between living with an autoimmune disease and conquering its affects in your life. When Kimberly Howse was diagnosed with lupus, she decided to do just that; conquer lupus and live her life to the very fullest. She was also determined to help other people.
She and sister, Kelly McKnight, created the Howse Foundation in 2005 in Los Angeles to support, educate and information share with others coping with lupus.
Kimberly and Kelly want you to know that you don’t have to live sick and you don’t have to struggle in your daily life.
Here’s the promise of Howse Foundation:

  • Sexy, healthy, & beautiful w Lupus…”Our greatest hope? A cure. If it doesn’t happen we hope w healthy lifestyle advice and/or medications w out side effects we can assist lupus patients live better.
  • We provide resources and support to patients as well as businesses and healthcare providers. We are here to support people with lupus and also support those who want to live a healthy lifestyle with or without this illness.

The Howse Foundation social media sites are filled with:

  • Nutrition guidelines for battling lupus
  • Stress-reduced guide
  • Exercises for muscle building and control
  • The power of saying yes to a healthier lifestyle

The Howse Foundation was established for you, your friends, family and anyone who wants to become aware of lupus. The Howse Foundation is also an interactive non-profit family.
We always welcome your tips and guidance. You may have information based on your experience with lupus that could greatly help someone else. Please email us or visit our Facebook page. Find out how to participate and raise awareness. We look forward to getting to know you and having you join with us in our goal to conquer lupus in our lives.”

Our mission is to build awareness one brick at a time by providing resources, support, and access to a healthier lifestyle. We hope to partner with businesses to bring awareness by  making sexy, healthy and beautiful living accessible to ALL.

– Kimberly Howse